IFS is regarded by Gartner as the leading single instance ERP for product and project centric businesses

IFS Portal
Gartner report

Enabling you to view IFS App 9 User Experience and functionality and assess the business benefits of change

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Focus on end-to-end processes, configureation not customisation, embrace change management and the use information not transactions.

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How do we do this?

We provide a full range of services from Business Consulting to Hosting; the latter using Microsoft Azure. Our team keep themselves up to date with both IFS functionality and implementation as well as 'best practice' across all the functional disciplines.

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What are the benefits?

Adopting our methodology provides a significant number of benefits that are considered the primary objective of all ERP implementations.

Faster Realisation of Benefits

Quicker implementations based on configuration, supported by a benefit model enable management to focus on the plus rather the negative

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Process Streamlining

Use of configured Out of the Box functionality that has been proven in global installations drives the streamlining of existing processes and the removal of wasteful practices

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Using Out of the Box functionality and 'cloud' based services significantly reduces the costs of maintaining ERP systems

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Increased Speed & Agility

By streamlining and simplifying business processes, particularly in the back office reduces errors and with a documented business process model enables rapid redesign to support market changes

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Corporate Knowledge Base

In order to ensure that the built solution matches the requirement we model the business processes; this then forms the basis of the operational knowledge base

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In Built Competency Management

Proving ‘business readiness’ for new systems ‘go live’ requires deep People Insight that evidences user compliance and new process efficiency

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See some real-life examples

We have abstracted from our past and present implementations examples of our work and how this has benefited the customer

How can you engage with us?

We recognise that the choice of supplier for a new business information system (ERP) is always critical to the customer and that in addition to needing assurance that the product has the right functionality you have selected the right partner who will understand your company's unique characteristics and will ensure the project is a success. At TBCN the way you engage with us throughout the pre-sales cycle is aimed at building this trust and confidence in the product and implementation methodology.